Younger sister Hedda

Yj-2013 2013年5月3日 16:07
Japan has to surrendered when the second world war coming to an end.A large number of ordinary Japenese immigrants had been abandoned in northeast of China,a place for long-time colonial ruled by Janpenese government.Sixteen-year-old maiden Hedda was one of them.During her lifeness fugitive and difficult experience,she escaped from death with her wisedom and desire to live.She was put into a gunny-bag and sold by weight to Zhangjian as a "tool" to carry on the family line by given birth to child,he was the second son of head of the station,a nameless railway station in northeast China.It is said that the older brother of Zhang's was took in part to the war against Japenese invader who had been killed and Zhang's wife Zhu Xiaohuan was miscarriaged because of the frighten of Japenses army,and she can never have baby again.On the overall background of hatred between two countries,after the intervened of Janpenese maiden Hedda the relationship of the whole family has become weird.