Inherently Biased

教授翻译fking86 2013年5月3日 22:17
容容对她的朋友说,我们家,我怕我妈,我妈怕我爸,我爸怕我,转着圈地怕。这个圈非常圆润.像一个膏了油的轴承,已经在这个世界上滚动了三十六年,没有人能改变它的形状和性能。容容最好的同学、朋友娄汝云特地打电话问我是不是真的。我说大体准确。云说,阿姨,你还会怕林叔?我和我妈一直以为林叔怕你呢,在我们印象中,你是铜墙铁壁,无所畏惧。我说,糟糕,我给人这样的印象,还有女人味吗? Rongrong told her friends that her family had a merry-go-around fear, she fearing mother, mother fearing father, and father fearing her. It was such a proper round that had been rolling in this world for 36 years like an oiled bearing, refusing to be modified in shape or performance. Lou Ru-yun, Rongrong’s closest former classmate and best friend, specifically called me to confirm the saying. Mostly true was my answer. Yun was incredulous, my dear aunt, did you really fear Uncle Lin? My mom and I used to think that Uncle Lin was afraid of you. You were an impregnable fortress and an incarnation of intrepidity in our mind. I said that, shoot, had I damaged my femininity to have projected to others such an image? 2005年秋,容容从德国凯旋回京。这只被放飞了十二年的“鸽子”终于被那块多雨的土地锤炼得羽翼丰满,轻盈潇洒地回巢了。 The fall of 2005 welcomed Rongrong