Inherently Biased

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Rongrong told her friends that her family had a merry-go-around fear, she fearing mother, mother fearing father, and father fearing her. It was such a proper round that had been rolling in this world for 36 years like an oiled bearing, refusing to be modified in shape or performance. Lou Ru-yun, Rongrong’s closest former classmate and best friend, specifically called me to confirm the saying. Mostly true was my answer. Yun was incredulous, my dear aunt, did you really fear Uncle Lin? My mom and I used to think that Uncle Lin was afraid of you. You were an impregnable fortress and an incarnation of intrepidity in our mind. I said that, shoot, had I damaged my femininity to have projected to others such an image? The fall of 2005 welcomed Rongrong’s triumphant return to Beijing from Germany. My dear dove set free for 12 years finally boomeranged with grace and elegance to her nest after being tempered to full-fledge by that rainy piece of land. Rongrong succeeded in her PhD defense at th
教授翻译fking86 2013年5月3日 22:20
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