Inherently Biased (p4)

教授翻译fking86 2013年5月3日 22:22
Before coming back, Rongrong made a detour to Singapore upon invitation of Lou Ru-yun, her best classmate back at Peking University. Lou Ru-yun was an extraordinarily smart girl, who went to the United States as a high school exchange student for two years before she excelled in Peking University and pursued further education in Germany upon graduation. She nagged her mother into a great length to help Rongrong go to study in Germany too; but one year after Rongrong arrived, she went to the University of Paris for her Ph.D. She later settled in Singapore to be a manager of a local investment banking department, earning an annual salary plus bonus of over one million Singapore dollars. My hunch told me that Bolz had wooed her but she was mindful of his age and arranged Rongrong as a replacement. Let’s go no further on this. Anyway, Rongrong stayed at Yun’s home in Singapore for three days. Yun took Rongrong to a company activity to run into a gentle American Chinese in Singapore, who fe