Inherently Biased (p4-2)

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Let’s go no further on this. Anyway, Rongrong stayed at Yun’s home in Singapore for three days. Yun took Rongrong to a company activity to run into a gentle American Chinese in Singapore, who fell in love with Rongrong at first sight. He volunteered to see Rongrong off when learning that she was to return to China the next day. That was sweet, said Rongrong, I didn’t have to get up too early – but I think Yun was behind all this. That was it; it added up to no more than fifteen hours from meeting to parting, enough time to get to know each other’s names and both being divorced. Jack is his name, surnamed Xu, so the full name goes Jack Xu, or Xu Hong-ru in Chinese. Rongrong wasn’t much impressed back then because he was 48-year-old. Rongrong just wasn’t ready to accept once more a man much older than herself – Bolz was 17 years older, and their encounter had never fruited.