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Enter Charles the French King, [Catherine] the Queene Mother, the King of Navarre, the Prince of Condye, the Lord high Admirall, and [Margaret] the Queene of Navarre, with others. 法国国王查理九世,凯瑟琳皇太后,纳瓦尔亲王,孔第王子,海军上将,(玛格丽特)纳瓦尔王后,及其他人登场。 Prince of Navarre my honourable brother, Prince Condy, and my good Lord Admirall, wishe this union and religious league, Knit in these hands, thus joyn'd in nuptiall rites, May not desolve, till death desolve our lives, And that the native sparkes of princely love, That kindled first this motion in our hearts, May still be feweld in our progenye. 查理九世: 纳瓦拉亲王我尊敬的兄弟,孔第王子,和我的好海军上将爵爷,愿由这些手缔结的一联盟和信仰的结合,借着这婚礼的仪式,不会被瓦解掉直到我们的生命终结。愿这点燃我们心中初衷的高贵感情的火种仍然能继续在我们的后辈流传。 NAVAREE. The many favours which your grace has showne, From time to time, but specially in this, Shall binde me ever to your highnes will, In what Queen Mother or your grace commands. 纳瓦尔:您时常的荣光眷顾,尤其在这件美事上,让我将永远谨尊皇太后您的号令。 QUEENE MOTHER. Thanks sonne Navarre, you see we love you well, That linke you in mariage with our daughter heer: And as you know, our difference in Religion Might be a meanes to crosse you in your love. 皇太后:谢谢你,荣耀的纳瓦尔,我们对您的爱促成了您和我的女儿联姻。毕竟您知道,我们信仰的差异会成为您爱情的阻碍。 CHARLES. Well Madam, let that rest: And now my Lords the mariage rites perfourm'd, We think it good to goe and consumate The rest, with hearing of an holy Masse: Sister, I think your selfe will beare us company. 查理九世:好了母后陛下,让我们先把这个纷争放一边吧。我的爵爷们,现在婚礼的仪式已经举行,让我们去好好庆祝吧。其他人去听一场弥撒吧。妹妹,我想你会陪同我们的吧。 QUEENE MARGARET. I will my good Lord. 玛格丽特王后:我会的。 CHARLES. The rest that will not goe (my Lords) may stay: Come Mother, Let us goe to honor this solemnitie. 查理九世:那些不去做弥撒的(我的爵爷们)将留下:来吧,母亲,让我们去致敬这庄严的仪式吧。 QUEENE MOTHER. Which Ile desolve with bloud and crueltie. 皇太后:这仪式,我们将以血和冷酷来致敬。 [Aside.] (离开) Exit [Charles] the King, Queene Mother, and [Margaret] the Queene of Navar [with others], and manet Navar, the Prince of Condy, and the Lord high Admirall. 查理九世,皇太后,玛格丽特王后下场 纳瓦尔,孔第王子和海军上将留在台上 NAVARRE. Prince Condy and my good Lord Admiral, Now Guise may storme but does us little hurt: Having the King, Queene Mother on our side, To stop the mallice of his envious heart, That seekes to murder all the Protestants: Have you not heard of late how he decreed, If that the King had given consent thereto, That all the protestants that are in Paris, Should have been murdered the other night? 纳瓦尔:孔第王子,海军上将,现在吉斯(Guise)可能会暴跳如雷但是不会伤到我们,因为现在我们有国王和皇太后站在我们这边来阻止他想杀害所有新教徒的恶意。你们难道没有听说他最近颁布的法令吗?如果国王赞成,巴黎所有的新教徒将被在一夜之间谋杀? ADMIRALL. My Lord I mervaile that th'aspiring Guise Dares once adventure without the Kings assent, To meddle or attempt such dangerous things. 海军上将:我的亲王啊,我怀疑那个野心勃勃的吉斯会在没有国王的支持下去实践或者尝试这么一件危险的事情。 CONDY. My Lord you need not mervaile at the Guise, For what he doth the Pope will ratifie: In murder, mischeefe, or in tiranny. 孔第:我的爵爷,你不应该怀疑吉斯,因为他做的教皇都会默许的:谋杀,残害和暴政。 NAVARRE. But he that sits and rules above the clowdes, Doth heare and see the praiers of the just: And will revenge the bloud of innocents, That Guise hath slaine by treason of his heart, And brought by murder to their timeles ends. 纳瓦尔:但神高高在上统治大众,应该听到和看到对正义的赞颂:要对无辜者的流血,对吉斯因为背叛而产生的大屠杀,进行最终的审判。 ADMIRALL. My Lord, but did you mark the Cardinall The Guises brother, and the Duke Dumain: How they did storme at these your nuptiall rites, Because the house of Burbon now comes in, And joynes your lineage to the crowne of France? 海军上将:我的亲王啊,但是你有没有注意到红衣主教,吉斯兄弟和Dumain公爵他们因为波旁家族现在和法国皇室联姻而对您的婚礼暴跳如雷? NAVARRE. And thats the cause that Guise so frowns at us, And beates his braines to catch us in his trap, Which he hath pitcht within his deadly toyle. Come my Lords lets go to the Church and pray, That God may still defend the right of France: And make his Gospel flourish in this land. Exeunt. 纳瓦尔:这就是为什么吉斯家族对我们看不顺眼并且绞尽脑汁想让我们掉进他们设置的死亡陷阱。来吧我的爵爷们,让我们去教堂祈祷吧。上帝仍将保佑法国的权利,而它的福音将传遍这边土地。 退场
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